Lifestyle Family Photography in Syracuse, New York

Lifestyle Family Photography at home in Syracuse, New York


I just had to share some of the highlights from this gorgeous lifestyle family photography shoot that I managed to squeeze in on a recent trip to New York. After spending an exciting few days in New York city, I took a 5 hour bus ride to Syracuse. The Autumn colours in upstate New York were as impressive as I had heard they would be – endless golden yellows and oranges accompanied me the whole bus ride.

This was a special joy for me to be able to document Joanna’s family, as the last time I saw her she didn’t have any kids. It was lovely seeing her and her family in their home environment. Sometimes the day to day of home life means we take it for granted, I love doing home shoots to capture those every day moments that really capture the kids as they are right now. I personally love looking back at old photographs of places we used to live (we have moved around more than most!) and seeing the kids at various stages of their lives in their home environment always gets me.

Here are a selection of my favourite images from this session. I love documenting the way kids play and how utterly absorbed they are by it. I also love catching those tender moments – making the baby giggle, and all enjoying being together. I love to tell stories with my family photography and create images that bring back memories and moments.

I hope you enjoy looking through the highlights from this session. If you would like me to photograph your family either at home or in an outdoor location that you love, you can find out more about my family photography and availability here





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