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The amazing birth story

I loved this recent newborn photography south wales session with baby Sophie (10 days old) and family at their home this week. Sophie is already something of a local celebrity due to the way she decided to enter this world. She has already graced the front page of the Barry Gem and I’m pretty sure her birth story will become legendary over the coming years.

After a relatively long labour with their son, Sophie’s parents were expecting a similar, perhaps slightly quicker labour second time around. Jo had been feeling contraction pains for a while but was assured by an app they were using that she wasn’t yet in active labour. No need to rush to the hospital just yet. They needed to sort out childcare for their son and get him to bed anyway. All of a sudden the contractions got stronger and quicker and Jo’s water broke. Time to get to the hospital! Living in Barry, the nearest hospital is the Heath in Cardiff – a good 30 minute drive away.

They jumped in the car and sped off to the hospital as the contractions were getting stronger and closer. As they were just leaving Barry, Jo started pushing and she could feel the baby’s head! Sophie did not want to wait to get to the hospital and was born and delivered by Jo in the car driving along the Port Road! Fortunately both Jo & Kelvin are trained for these kinds of situations as they work for FlyBe as airline crew at Cardiff airport and managed to stay calm. After rubbing her down and checking she was ok they continued their journey to the hospital with some phone support from 999. Thankfully both mother and baby were absolutely fine and they have a great story to tell 🙂

At home Cardiff newborn photography

I really enjoyed this lifestyle newborn session and we got a good mix of natural shots. I like shooting in the home environment as it is such a personal place and you can get some really lovely intimate shots. Sophie started off asleep but decided she wanted to be involved so we got a nice mix of awake and asleep shots. I love taking the details shots of the hands, feet and ears. Newborns change so quickly at this stage and it is lovely to document how they looked when they first arrived. I also really enjoyed the natural, fun shots with her brother (2) and Dad having fun together and all admiring the baby.

You will be amazed looking back to see how much they have changed in a short time. Doing the shoot at home means you don’t have to get to a studio which can be stressful in those early days. I would recommend having a newborn shoot as soon as you feel up to it, up to about one month is good if you want sleepy shots.

Here are a selection of some of my favourite shots. If you are interested in newborn photography South Wales or the Cardiff area please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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