I love Spring. It’s my favourite season. It seems to take forever to arrive after the months and months of tedious wet and dreary winter. Spring makes us wait, but when it comes at last it’s so worth the wait. It starts with the brave Snowdrop poking it’s head up out of the ground and facing the cold, giving us hope of warmer days to come. Next comes the underrated Daffodil. I love the cheery yellow colour that suddenly takes over stretches of previously green grass. Then Spring gets into full swing, colours everywhere. Every tree come to life, beautiful cherry blossom pinks and magnificent magnolias brighten the skies. Then we get the beauty of the Bluebell taking over the woodlands. It’s such a beautiful time of year, it gives me hope. No matter what’s going on in life, Spring always gives me hope. So here is some of my favourite recent Spring time shots hope they encourage you on the days when the sun is hiding. x

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